Clash Royale Chest Tracker App Developing Concept

Hi! My name is Clash Royale Arena as well as today I want to share my deck that obtained me right into Arena 9! It features the Sparky, Graveyard, and Ice Wizard.

The cards and also purposes –


One of the deck’s kill cards, made use of to build up massive presses during dual elixir.

Ice Wizard:

The major sprinkle system in the deck. I had mine at Degree 2, so it one-shorted tourney conventional skeletal systems. Utilized paired with Graveyard or double elixir push.


Additionally, a kill card of this deck, coupled with Huge Minion, Ice Golem, or Ice Wizard, is unstoppable. Can be utilized in defense if in a really difficult situation, however not suggested whatsoever.


All of us recognize that zap is an incredibly flexible and also beneficial card, and fits into any deck. Zap in this deck can be utilized in many means, like resetting various other Sparkies, sensational minions/hordes, skeleton militaries, and a lot more. Useful when trying to make certain your graveyard makes way. Can be changed with arrows, however much less efficient.Chest Tracker App

Huge Minion:

Even after being nerved, this card is still a beast. Utilize it to obtain tool troops like Prince or Hog Motorcyclist, or pair it with your Graveyard for a powerful mix. Can be replaced with Minions, however much less reliable.

Ice Golem:

Ice Golem is a rather underrated card, working in many circumstances. Use it to respond to Lava Hounds (with the help of a Huge Minion) or set it with a Graveyard.


Demons are a rather underused card, however, are very helpful. Counter Princesses, Hog Riders, and various other tool troops with them. Combined well with Ice Golem. Can be changed with Skeleton Army, though not as inexpensive.

Potion Collector:

Elixir Collector is a still underused card and viewed negatively by many. It’s a very important element to this deck, as it helps in the enormous press that is clarified below. If it’s responded to with a Minor, use Spirits. If it’s fireball, try and also create some little push that would typically be countered well with a fireball.

The Game plan/Double Elixir Push:

Start off the game with smaller, weaker pushes to take out his towers, such as Ice Wizard/ Ice Golem/ Huge Minion + Graveyard, Ice Golem + Mega Minion, or Ice Golem + Goblins. Ensure to contend least one Portion Enthusiast down, as it will certainly impact the Double Potion Press. When that 1-minute mark hits, it’s game time. Place a Sparky in the back, after those Goblins behind it. After that place Ice Golem, Ice Wizard, and Mega Minion. If it’s fireball, you must have adequate elixir momentarily Sparky. Keep cycling till you get an enormous push, and also include a Graveyard for even more fun. There’s nothing more enjoyable than watching 3 Sparkies, 2 Ice Wizards, 2 Huge Minions, and 6 Demons brutalize a King Tower.

Weak to:

Golem Decks

Lava Hound (Somewhat, Trisect decks are the hardest to eliminate with this.).

This deck functioned effectively for me, I wish it provides for you too. Appreciate!

One thing I don’t like lots of various other lava dog deck overviews is that they advise against utilizing the lava canine prior to dual elixir time. Directly, I will begin with an affordable card like fire spirits or ice golem, after that play lava dog in the back. I always push in the very same lane as my opponent, even if of the many beat down cards this deck has. A prime example of this would be the opponent going down a press with large as well as an assistant troop. I would go down lava round at the back after that utilize inferno dragon to thaw the titan as well as the mega minion to secure the support. This after that transformed into a significant counter press. This technique can be made use of most throughout dual elixir time, however, it still functions prior to the final min. If I contend least 7 elixir, as well as my canine, has greater than 1/3 wellness, sick decrease graveyard and also be ready with my arrow or zap to take out his counter. If the opponent has snake pit tower as well as they completely stop the very first round push, then I alter my techniques which are so great regarding this deck. I can then instead use an ice golem graveyard press, which will with any luck lead to a tower being removed, or good chip damages. Once again, my perfect play would be safeguarding then transforming it into a counter push, yet if you have to press initially after that go all out. With this deck, there is not much protection so it is strongly encouraged that you wait up until you know all your challenger’s cards before you dispose all of your Clash Royale Chest Tracker App into a push while leaving no elixir for defense.